At eight years old, Steven Hofmann would eagerly sketch highly detailed
and imaginative drawings on the backs of restaurant placemats. Artistic
expression was the perfect outlet for this non-traditional dreamer. His artistic
gift was refined through various children's art courses offered outside of the
school he attended. Steven took any art class offered by the schools that he
attended until a falling out with a strict high school art teacher.

At seventeen, Steven's rebellious attitude did not sit well with the teacher's
conservative approach. He graduated mid way through his senior year, took
a factory job and moved out of his parents' home. The relationship with his
parents remained strong, but freedom on an unlimited level would prove to
be Steven's hunger. After one summer of factory work and adult experiences
like bills, Steven was faced with two options. He could attend college as was
suggested by his parents or he could remain a part of the working class daily
grind, neither seemed attractive.

Two weeks after a talk with a recruiter, Private Hofmann was enlisted in the
army. Designing several military murals would allow Steven some time off from
training. In 1990, immediately after the completion of his military obligation,
Steven began a fine arts education at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.
After graduation he moved to Phoenix. Painting has been an ongoing passion
ever since. The works have been so well received by the public that now more
of the artist's attention is devoted to this elegant form of self expression.


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