I would like to thank the following, for without them none of this would have
been possible. A special thanks to:
Kurt and Linda Hofmann, my parents, for their support of my creativity even
when they did not understand it and for having blind faith in the fact that I
would eventually find the way.

Darren Mason for applying his much needed expertise and talent to design
this web site.

Kurt Bunney and ArrisTech, a dynamic Phoenix computer consulting
company, for helping me to get the site up and running.

The University of Nebraska at Kearney Art Department Staff for being my
family in addition to instructors for four years.

Jonny D, Big Log, Flynn, Micek, Tiffany, Wild Al, Eric, Vord, Leaf, Worm,
Gypsy, Mochas, Chet, Brant, Lissa, Jonny K, Marc Harlan, Brian Glasser,
Lance Hammond, Fleck, Melodie, Cheri, Kathleen, Rachel, Tyler, Sheki,
Bob-O, Nina, Dinah, Ed & Marta, Wild William, Big Rich, Mod, Loomis,
Steinle, Dan "hair-lip cow", and Tammy for the memories necessary to create
these paintings.

The US Army and my superior officers at A181 Disney Barracks and B3/77
Armor in Mannheim, GER for ordering me to paint murals instead of dig

Lucinda Kincaid for her "Hofmann" gallery that warms my heart every time I
see it.

Rob Bolinger for taking me to the Dali Museum in Florida and for the gift of
quality brushes years before I would really get serious about painting.

Gagi for loving anything I do.

Susie, Vince and Hannah for always being interested in my art.

Uncle Dale for being amazed at my paintings.

Phi Delta Theta (NE Beta) for the chance to do more murals.

Jack Karracker for telling me that I am not a graphic designer and for showing
me what it means to be truly comfortable with ones self.

Al Kranning for being a crazy, kind and motivated role model.

Charles Henry for sharing his artistic ideas with me.

Lisa Desrochers for correcting my grammatical errors in my brochure.

Dawn Strobert for praising the art I hang in my office.

Sandy Hughes for her advice on including text with each painting.

Courtney Larsen for the gift certificate.

Pauline's Nails in Scottsdale, Patti's First Avenue Lounge in Scottsdale,
Beelos Cafe in Tempe & Deanne Furkleiner for helping me to get my initial

The whole gang at Flash Delivery for reminding me of the thrill only acheived
at the edge.

The Merc Bar in Phoenix for making the best martini I have ever had.

You for visiting this site.

"Thank you all."


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